Tutorial Series: Microsoft® Excel® 2013

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The Microsoft® Excel® software is the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. Millions of people use it to track, store, arrange and calculate data. It contains many features that some don’t even know about.

Building a spreadsheet can be a bit overwhelming. Our tutorial course is designed for beginners and advanced users alike. Students learn how to easily work with data and use hidden features of the Excel® program. You’ll learn about spreadsheet design, manipulating data, and about how to utilize the world’s most popular business tool.


Module 1: Excel Essentials & Intro to Formulas and Functions

* Introduction to the Excel 2013 Interface 

(The Ribbon, The Backstage View& The Quick Access Toolbar)

* Zooming in and out of a worksheet

* Navigating and selecting cells

* Keyboard Shortcuts

* Entering and editing data

* Deleting/replacing cell data

* Performing simple calculations

* Saving the workbook file

* Checking compatibility with older versions of Excel

* Overview of the Formulas Ribbon

* Building basic Formulas

* Using simple Functions

* Copying formulas/functions with the AutoFill command

* Using Relative and Absolute cell references in calculations

Module 2: Formatting, Spreadsheet Design, Page Setup & Printing

* Inserting rows & columns

* Moving, copying and pasting data

* Using AutoFill to complete a series of values

* Introduction to worksheet Themes

* Formatting worksheet data/using Cell Styles

* Using Excel templates/creating custom templates

* Managing worksheets: inserting, deleting, renaming, move/copy

* Grouping worksheets

* Freezing or splitting panes

* Grouping and Hiding Rows/Columns

* Creating custom views

* Spell checking your worksheets

* Setting print options through Page Setup

* Using the Page Layout view

* Using the Full Screen view

* Printing your worksheet

 Module 3: List/Table Essentials & Charting

* Overview of List design

* Formatting lists as Tables

* Using the Flash Fill option

* Single and Multi-level Sorting

* Removing duplicates from a list or table

* Filtering records in a list or table

* Search by Filter

* Inserting automatic subtotals in a list

* Inserting data charts

* Using the Quick Analysis Tools

* Formatting and editing chart elements

* Adding/removing data from a chart

* Creating custom chart templates

* Printing charts

* Changing table and chart formatting through Themes

* Inserting Sparkline

Module 4: Importing Data, Pivot Tables, Protecting & Linking Data

* Importing data from other sources

* Overview of exporting options

* Creating a database query

* Creating Pivot Tables from lists or tables

* Filtering Pivot Tables

* Using the Slicer tool within a Pivot Table

* Working with Pivot charts

* Applying Data Validation rules

* Applying built in Conditional Formatting

* Creating custom conditional formats

* Inserting & editing Comments

* Linking Data

* Cell, sheet, and file protection

 Module 5: Creating advanced Functions

* Creating and applying Names in a worksheet

* Using the IF function

* Introduction to nesting functions

* Using the formula auditing tools

* Using the LOOKUP functions

* Using SUMIF(S), COUNTIF(S), AVERAGEIF(S) functions

* Using the IFERROR function

* Other useful functions (Database, Text and Date functions – time permitting)

Module 6: Using the "What If" Analysis Tools & Recording Macros

* Using the Consolidate Data commands

* Using the Goal Seek and Solver tools

* Creating Data Tables

* Using the Scenario Manager

* Adding the Developer Tab to the Ribbon

* Recording and running macros

* Editing macros with the Visual Basic Editor

* Creating buttons to run macros (Quick Access Toolbar & worksheet buttons)

* Microsoft OneDrive Overview

* Customizing the Ribbon


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