Tutorial Series: Microsoft® Access® 2013

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The Microsoft® Access® database program is one of those applications the we never really open because we don’t know what it is or what it does. The Access® software is a database tool, but defining the full extent of the concept of database is complicated.

This course will give you insight information on how to operate the Access® program, from the introduction to becoming a master of Data Analysis.


Module 1: Introduction to Access & Creating Tables

•Access 2013 Start Screen

•Reliance on SharePoint for certain database templates

•Introduction to database design concepts & terminology

•Become familiar with the Access 2013 interface: the Welcome Screen, Ribbon, Tabs & Tool-tips

•Open and examine and existing Access database

•Working with tables and data records

•Find, sort and filter records in a table

•Introduction to table creation options

•Create tables using the design view

•Using the Data Type Gallery

•Introduction to table field properties


Module 2: Working with Relationships & Tables

•Relational database design concepts

•Create table relationships

•Explore relationship types

•Define referential integrity

•Display object dependencies

•How to “Normalize” databases

•Additional table field properties

•Create a lookup list


Module 3: Queries

•Create select queries

•Use criteria to refine query results

•Create multi-table queries

•Create query joins

•Implement query parameters

•Performing calculations in a query


Module 4: Additional Queries, & Importing/Exporting Objects & Data

•Create a totals queries

•Create crosstab queries

•Create Action Queries

•Import/export data

•Linking tables from one database to another

•Overview of importing data from Microsoft Outlook

•Overview of the collecting data via email feature


Module 5: Creating Forms

•Creating an AutoForm

•Using the Form Wizard to design new forms

•Add and modify form controls

•Using Office Themes

•Adding images and titles

•Create calculated controls

•Work with control properties

•Create forms in design view

•Creating Forms with Sub-forms

•Create tabbed forms


Module 6: Creating Reports

•Using the Report Wizard to create new Reports

•Modify report's page setup settings

•Modify report design and layout

•Work with report sections

•Create summary functions

•Create reports in design view

•Use the Mailing Labels Wizard


Module 7: Automating Access Databases

•Create macros

•Implement and run macros

•Creating table macros

•Event driven macros

•Setting database startup options

•Introduction to VBA concepts and terminology


Module 8: DB Maintenance and Deployment

•Create custom switchboards

•Discuss deploying Access databases in a multi-user environment

•Explore Microsoft Access security features

•Compact and repair databases

•Using hyperlinks in an Access database



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