Tutorial Series: Microsoft® Visio® 2010

Organization: LearnIT

Created by: Learn IT


The Microsoft® Visio® software is used by professionals who document and plan complicated processes. These include IT professionals, programmers, database developers, engineers, and other people who have a vision to map out.

The Visio® program contains many features that make it easier to document complex processes, and is considered essential by those who know that one hour of planning in the beginning can save days of work later on.

The Visio® software is used to diagram complicated processes, flowcharts, software, and organizational charts. On a basic level, it visually connects ideas into a flowchart form. The Visio® program has extensive applications in project management, marketing, quality assurance, strategic planning, or human resources, and is the industry standard business drawing tool.

During this course, participants will learn to create graphical diagrams, timelines, office layout plans, workflow diagrams, organizational charts, maps, flowcharts and more.

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